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Hillfarm Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil - Even healthier than olive oil

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Link Ideas Limited are proud to be the exclusive agents of Hillfarm Oils for Greater China.


Grown and cold-pressed on a family farm in Suffolk, Hillfarm Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is possibly the healthiest and most versatile cooking oil you can buy, and one you can trust to help make your family's meals healthier.


As opposed to chemically processed and mass-produced canola oil, Hillfarm Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is cold-pressed to preserve not only the full flavour and colour of the oil, but also its numerous nutritional benefits:


- It contains the lowest amount of saturated fats of any vegetable oils in the market.


- Its omega 3, 6 and 9 contents are exactly what nutrional experts recommend.


- It benefits from a high intrinsic portion of Vitamin E.


- Its smoke-point, important for roasting and frying, is among the highest of all vegetable oils (238°C).


- It tastes and looks gorgeous!


All of the above qualities make extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed even healthier and more versatile than olive oil.


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