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Mottra - Purveyors of Exceptional Caviar

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Link Ideas Limited are the exclusive agents of Mottra sturgeon caviar in Greater China (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the People's Republic of China) and Singapore.


Mottra caviar is "exceptional" for a variety of reasons:


- Harvesting the caviar is truly SUSTAINABLE, owing to the caviar being extracted by means of carefully massaging it out of the sturgeon when the eggs are ripe; this is in stark contrast to the cruel historical technique of simply killing the mother to get to the eggs, which is the approach still used by the majority of the caviar industry today.


- In addition to world-famous Osetra caviar, Mottra have also re-introduced STERLET caviar to the globe: Previously the exclusive prerogative of Russian Tzars, who favoured Sterlet caviar and meat for its exceptional taste, now ordinary mortals can get access to this little known, but highly prised variety of caviar, too.


- Production happens in high-technology tanks with purest ARTESIAN WATER which undergoes additional cleaning before the sturgeons get to call it their home. The sturgeons' feed is strictly GMO-free and is sourced from ecologically conscious suppliers. All this happens with one overarching goal in mind: To produce the best-tasting caviar possible, using sustainable and fish-friendly techniques.


- The company's LATVIAN-RUSSIAN background combines the vast experience of operational experts from the country with the richest history of caviar with the technological know-how and operational dependability of one of the most naturally preserved and ecologically intact member states of the European Union.

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